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Japanese Hair Straightining

Hair Rebonding

We use a Japanese Shiseido Crystallizing

Hair Straightening Product

It will make your hair

Permanently Straight.

With a unbelievable Shine, Smooth, and Soft Hair.

It can Last  over 12 Months or longer Depending on the rate of the hair growth and type.


Hair Length

You will need to measure the length of your hair pulled tight from where your hair line starts on your forehead to the bottom of the longest hair on your back.

Don’t forget to pull it tight and straight. Please take the price for your hair length as shown below and write it down.

Hair Volume

Wrap a flexible tape measure around your ponytail, held tightly together. This will reveal how far around or the circumference of your pony tail.

You can do this with a piece of string as well and then measure how long the string is around your pony tail. Please take the amount of extra charge for your hair volume and add it to the price

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